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High quality half circle business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe are a rarity among business card printing services, and you can be sure that these business cards, in particular, will stand out and grab your customer’s attention. Most business cards in Harare Zimbabwe come in a rectangular shape and follow standard business card sizes, so what better a way to show your customers and peers how unique you and your business are than with our half circle business cards? Business cards are a must in the business world. Half circle business cards help create a rapport between you and your customers, and they are also the foundation of your reputation. You can learn more about how an effective business card can make all the difference on our Adlyn Printers Blog post:How Do I Make My Business Card Stand Out? Or read about what you will need besides business cards at your next trade show in our post Trade Show Essentials.


The unique style of having the curved half circle opposite a straight edged side allows your half round business cards in Harare Zimbabwe to stand out as a rose among weeds. Half circle business cards are becoming more and more popular due to their success in catching and keeping the attention of the recipients. Customers will remember your logo, company name and information because of the eye-catching design of your half circle business card printing in Harare Zimbabwe.


Paper and Coating

When designing your half circle business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe make sure you start with your paper selection. The amount of paper stock options we offer will impress you as will their outstanding quality.


Try our Cover Semi Gloss paper stock for custom half circle business cards that are alive with color. A card with this glossy finish will have a renewed look. Its colors will jump from the card. Do you want your customers to see the grain of the paper? Are you searching for more of a raw look for your card printing in Harare Zimbabwe? Then try our Cover Matte option. This paper is the best choice if your half circle business cards will be written on, as this uncoated paper stock still shines brightly but allows for the real grain of the paper to be on display.


Both the Cover Semi Gloss and the Cover Matte options come with either 14pt or 16pt thickness. If you are looking for a sturdier option, try the 16pt to give your half circle business cards a longer shelf life.



Now that you have picked out the perfect paper stock, you need to add color. Whether you are only adding a small dash of color or your design is imbued with all the colors of the rainbow, we know you will be more than satisfied. Our CMYK digital full color printer can create any color on the spectrum to be inked onto your half circle business cards. Whether you’re getting a few hundred or 5000 business cards, your half circle business cards will be dressed for success. Your half circle business cards can have color on one side only or on both sides. Find the exact shade that matches your logo and company colors using the Pantone color system along with a custom quote. Our custom printed half circle business cards will match even the most obscure tones.



Half circle business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe are very unique on their own, but we know some of you will want to stand out even more. Try adding a specialty to fit the style of your business.


Foil Stamping or Digital Foil Business Cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe: Foil stamping is a great way to add class and elegance to the logo or design of your half circle business cards. Choose from our many foil colors in our foil color chart to find the exact metallic shimmer you are searching for. You can opt to have the foil color stamped into the paper or use the digital foil printer to add the effect along with a soft touch laminate.


Emboss or Letterpress: Raise the level of professionalism literally with embossing or letterpressing. Both are techniques that raise portions of your card’s surface. You have seen these on our embossed business cards, letterpress business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe, embossed wedding invites, or embossed notecards. Now you can add this speciality to your half circle business cards too!


Soft Touch: Soft touch is a lamination that, with the help of a little heat, overlays the surface of your paper. It doesn’t affect the color but gives the grain of your paper a feathery, pleasing feel. It is also necessary to apply digital foil. Read Soft Touch Vs. Velvet to learn more! If you really love soft touch, why not start off with soft touch business cards?


Die Cutting: This fun effect allows you to opt for a more specific shape and cut for your half circle business cards. You provide the die cut lines for us and we are happy to accommodate. Perhaps you want to cut it into the shape that reflects your logo or company name. Contact us for a custom quote on a specific shape of your choice. Check out our die cut business cards too!



When designing and ordering your half circle business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe, you will find our shopping cart easy to use. Use a half circle business card template to lay out your design. These are available in a variety of file formats, including .JPG, .PDF, .AI, and .PSD so they can be used with your favorite editing software with ease! You can also contact us for a half circle business card mockup. As for sizes, we have a preset size, but don’t let that limit you. Request a custom quote for any size of a half circle business card printing in Harare Zimbabwe you were looking for. When ordering, know that we offer small orders as few as 50 to as many as 1000 cards at a time! Remember, the bigger your order, the more you save. Also keep in mind that when you see the success you have with these half circle business cards, you will always wish you had ordered more.


Get your half circle business cards within two days with our amazing fast shipping. Ordering online allows you to do as little work or spend as little time as possible and still get your amazing custom half circle business cards shipped to you directly.


If you have been in the business world for a while, you know that detail is crucial and every niche in your market is a potential gold mine. This is why Adlyn Printers has a large variety of business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe to be sure that you and your customers never get bored.  You will always have a new and custom card available to you, so what are you waiting for? Place your order today!


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