Binding Service In Harare Zimbabwe

Binding Service in Harare Zimbabwe

Book Binding Options in Harare Zimbabwe

Providing superior quality services for all your short-run binding and finishing needs is our pet project! We only provide these services for our printed materials thus ensuring that our clients will have the full attention of our finishing department. As such, all perfect binding and finishing processes are done in-house at our Harare CBD HARARE plant. Let us give your project the kid-glove attention it deserves!

Perfect Binding in Harare Zimbabwe

This binding style resembles a paperback book and comes in a wide variety of sizes. Perfect binding can be used for documents up to 300 pages (600 double sided) and like a paperback, accommodates color printing on both the covers and spine. Add lamination to the covers for a high shine and professional look. It’s a sure fire way for any document to stand out from the competition.

Wire-O Binding

Holes drilled in spine of document, which secured with double wired which can be rebound with wire. This book can lay flat when you open, you can have up to 250 sheets. Give your documents a polished and professional finish with perfect Wire-O binding. It’s ideal for PowerPoint presentations, reports, and any other document that needs a special flair.

Saddle Stitch

This is a most popular  and very economic perfect binding process. If you are budget concern you should consider this binding process. Its looks very neat and elegant. It uses 2 staple wire in the middle of spread to bind as a book. The total number of page on this process cant be more that 84 pages. Number of pages must be divisible by 4. There is  very little setup cost and no minimum run for this type of binding. Turnaround is 1-2 Business day after the approval.

Coil Binding in Harare Zimbabwe

Coil is available in multiple colors. It is simple to apply and very easy to amend should it be required. Coil binding is suited to all environments and applications. Coil will open flat and turn a full 360 degrees. Its production is both quicker and simpler than Wire, Comb or Velo binding. Coil is less expensive than wire. We can bind documents from 3 to 270 pages. Coiled documents can be amended without damaging the document.

Hard Cover Binding / Case Binding

Hard Cover Binding often called Case Binding it is the  most durable binding method. This classic binding process are still on demand when you looking for Hi-End Elegant Book Binding. We offer Full Color, Fabric, Leatherette materials, with Foil Stamping, De-bossing case Binding. Turn around rewire 1-2 Days to 7-10 Business days  depending on the complexity and availability of the materials. We are specialized on Short Run Hard Cover Book Binding.

Pad Binding in Harare Zimbabwe

Pad Binding is mostly used for creating pads, the main purpose of the binding is to held the pages together with adhesive or glue which can be easily be removed. This is very cheap binding method, doesn’t require to have any cover. Although  we add a cheap-board as a back cover on most our pads. The minimum quantity for pad binding is 5 pads, with 50 sheet on each pad. There is no size requirement for pad binding, virtually we can bind pads to any printed sheet size. Most common use of pads are Letterhead, Notepads etc. Turnaround is 1-2 business day.

Chicago Screw Binding v

Also known as Screw Posts Binding, Tee-Nuts, Sex Bolts or Binding Posts. This process uses traditional screws with bolts to hold the pages together. With no limit to creativity this can be use in many ways. This could be a unique fit for your perfect binding project if you looking do something different. The binding with Chicago Screws are very popular binding method, if you looking to bind your portfolio, if you are a student and looking to print your portfolio in most cost effective way choose the binding method, you wont be disappointed. Chicago screws come with many colors and sizes. Although we do not stock all the size and color, but can be orders. Most common colors are Silver, Gold, Black. Turnaround is 1-2 Business day depending on availability of the products

Concealed WireO Binding in Harare Zimbabwe

Concealed WireO Binding or the Hidden Wireo binding is a step up way of traditional wireo binding. In this method the wire is hidden with wrapped cover with spine. This create a neat and elegant looks of perfect binding with the advantage of lay-flat pages of wireo binding. This type of binding has very minimal setup cost and turnaround time is 1-2 Business day.

Velo Binding in Harare Zimbabwe

Is a process where pages are bound together with 2 plastic strip, this is also called strip binding. This type of binding most commonly used in legal industries to bind vast number of pages. This type of binding binding doesn’t allow to rebind the document using the same strips. This binding takes usually 1-2 days can be also rushed for same day service.

Custom Sewn Binding in Harare Zimbabwe

We sew books on a section stitcher and can create up to 32 pp sections on 100lb Text stock. Our binders recognize the importance of a tight sewing and we nip all sections both prior to and after sewing. Sewn bindings can be provided in either flat back or rounded & backed format. This type of binding is the better choice and more cost effective for larger volumes. This can take up to 7-10 Days of production time. Sewn Binding can be used with Soft Cover, Hot Melt ,Perfect Binding or Hard Cover Case Binding in Harare Zimbabwe.

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