2m Telescopic Banner

2m Telescopic Banner


2m Telescopic Banners Printing In Harare Zimbabwe are the perfect way to make a visual impact when advertising your brand. These outdoor banners are durable, versatile, cost-effective and can be used as a stand-alone banner or in a cluster.

Telescopic Flags, also known as Feather Banners Printing In Harare Zimbabwe, are digitally printed and come with either fibre or aluminium poles, as well as an outdoor metal ground stake or an indoor cross base and carry bag.

Telescopic Banners, known as feather banners, are available in single- or double-sided versions.

Telescopic Banners, referred to as Feather Banners in Harare, are available in the following standard sizes: 2m, 3m, and 4m. Contact us for a quote today.


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2m Telescopic Banner Printing In Harare Zimbabwe

2m Telescopic Banner Printing in Harare Zimbabwe

2m Telescopic Banners printing in Harare Zimbabwe are ideal for having an enhanced visualization when publicizing your image. Telescopic Banners printing in Harare, otherwise called Quill Banners, are exceptionally famous for open air occasions and can be utilized separately or in a group. The 2m Telescopic Banners in Harare are incredible for golf day marking, sea shore occasions, long distance races, hustling and other open air occasions. It is accessible as single or twofold sided units.

Advanced Color Sublimation, 100% Polyester Banner Material, Print 80% Radiate through, Incorporates print, posts, pack and ground spike.

2m Telescopic Banners Printing In Harare Zimbabwe

2m Telescopic Banners are ideal for when you need to have a visual showcasing effect in both an indoor or outside climate in Harare Zimbabwe. Simple to utilize and speedy to set up, telescopic banners are a financially savvy method of getting your image “out there” when utilized exclusively or in a group.

Why Utilize  2m Telescopic Banner Stands In Harare ?

2m Telescopic Banner Stands are additionally generally known as Feathers Banners In Harare Zimbabwe , however regardless you decides to call them they give a full shading approach to draw in the entirety of the right consideration. At the point when you request them from Success printers in Johannesburg, they come as a total eye-getting “all set” visual promoting framework and include:

Full Shading Printing on All Orders

A Coordinated Telescopic Framework

A Ground Spike to Guarantee Strength

Banner Convey Pack for Simplicity of Transport

For your benefit the entirety of the Telescopic Banner Stands In Harare  that we supply are accessible in the accompanying normalized sizes:

Little Telescopic Banner – 2m x 620mm

Medium Telescopic Banner – 3m x 620mm

Enormous Telescopic Banner – 4m x 620mm

Searching for an exceptionally estimated telescopic banner printing? Then, at that point don’t stop for a second to get in touch with us immediately, as our exceptionally prepared advanced printing group can assist with making any banner that you picture a reality.

If it’s not too much trouble, Note! Concrete or plastic vault bases can be provided with all Telescope Banner orders at an extra expense.

The Advantages of 2m Telescopic Banner printing in Harare Zimbabwe

Telescope banners printing in Harare – Telescopic banners are an exceptionally tough type of visual promoting and ideal for use in Harare, Zimbabwe. They are UV Shielded to all the more likely oppose harm from the unforgiving African sun and can take a battering from even the wettest winter Harare downpours. They will likewise withstand winds of up to 50 kms 60 minutes! Maybe great for a very much valued outside (and indoor) promoting medium wouldn’t you say? To add to this they are likewise amazingly simple to set up, lightweight and easy to move and a snap to store in even the littlest regions.

2m Telescopic Banner Valuing In Harare

With regards to showcasing everything’s about the main concern and we at Adlyn Printers get that. This is the reason we offer probably the most aggressive Telescopic Banners Estimating Designs in Harare, if not Zimbabwe. Indeed, with the minimal expense of assembling and printing these convincing promoting banners you ought to ask yourself – for what valid reason do I not as of now have my Telescope Banner request put at Success Printers

Reach us immediately utilizing the get back to frame at the highest point of this page on the off chance that you might want to examine how we can assist with working on the perceivability of your organization or brand when utilizing Telescopic Banner printing in Harare.

2m Telescopic Flags Printing Harare Zimbabwe are also commonly known as feather banners and are printed in full colour on imvusa lining. These outdoor banners are the perfect way to attract the right kind of attention.

Telescopic Banners or flags are very popular for any sort of outdoor event that you can think of. They are highly attractive and visible and therefore are often the preferred branding of choice among event organizers compared to other types of banners. Our Telescopic Banners in Harare are extremely durable, versatile, cost-effective and can be used as a stand-alone banner or in a cluster, depending on your requirements.

With quality and prices hard to beat, we can offer you what you need for your upcoming event.

Apart from being very attractive, these 2m Telescopic Banners  Printing In Harare are also waterproof and can withstand the different elements like rain, wind and the sun – there is, in fact, no need to worry about unexpected weather changes as our product will still be in great condition and get the job done.

The Telescopic Banner comes complete with 25mm aluminum poles and a 16mm ground spike all fitted into a handy carry bag that you can easily transport with you. It can be printed single-sided, or a double-sided flag is also available on special request. The Telescopic and feather banners are great for golf day branding, beach events, marathons, racing, and all outdoor events.


  • Full branded telescopic flags
  • Easy to fold telescopic
  • Telescopic is lightweight
  • Easy to store and transport
  • They are also known as event flags
  • Concrete or plastic dome bases can also be supplied with Telescopic Flags

2m Single-sided Rectangle Flag Banners Printing In Harare Zimbabwe

2m Telescopic banner printing in Harare Zimbabwe; Attract attention with from afar with the Rectangle Flag. Available in three sizes ranging from 1.7m to 3.7m in print height. The Rectangle flag design allows for a larger graphic area to portray your brand or promotional message. Print width is 700mm for all three flags.

2m Telescopic Single-sided rectangle flags are printed on one side only with ink showing through as a mirrored image (reverse image) at approximately 85-95% bleed through. All bases are engineered specifically to be free rotating allowing the flag to move with the breeze.

Our high quality construction and DuraHem stitching means a sturdier wind flag for your indoor or outdoor use. Our flags come with a 1-year hardware warranty to back our quality claim.

Ideal for car yards, local market stalls, sporting events or point of sale signage.

The rectangle flag comes with Print, Poles and Carry Bag.

The Telescopic flag banner can be used as an Indoor or Outdoor flag, by using either a cross-base or ground spike or as a fountain flag display. Telescopic banner printing or telescopic banner printing Johannesburg is our best fit.


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