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Plastic Business Cards


Plastic Business Cards Printing Services In Harare Zimbabwe

Durable, tear-proof and not to mention waterproof same day Plastic business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe. Plastic business cards printing ensures you long-lasting cards along with providing an elegant feel. Our plastic cards in Harare come in a variety of materials and different thicknesses. We also have the ability to create custom plastic card sizes and shapes on our styrene plastic.

NOTE: Keep in mind heavy ink & full ink coverage not recommended for our plastic products. Keep ink coverage at under 35%. Full bleed not available in our PVC. Maximum distance from edge approx 1/6 to 1/8″


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Get a leg up on competition with business cards that stand out from the crowd in Harare Zimbabwe. There are so many options to choose from, each with its own Order Durable Plastic Business Card Printing with Adlyn Printers in Harare

The business world is always competing to stand out with its brand and presentation. Custom plastic business card is a great way to stand out from your competition because they are durable, unique, and long-lasting. A plastic business card feels and looks like a credit card, but it is thinner and customizable. A 16pt paper card is always a great choice for a classical card but if you want to leave an impression it is best to go with something different. Plastic business cards look luxurious which means people will hang on to them longer.

Adlyn Printers offers sturdy, tear-resistant, and water-proof material for plastic business card printing to ensure the longevity of the card. Apart from being an informative card to track your company’s contacts and details, plastic business cards are printed for a variety of other purposes. They can be used as gift cards, VIP cards, loyalty cards, discount cards, membership cards, entry cards for clubs, events, resorts, and other promotional purposes.of showing off to the crowds. With this newest option for business cards, you’ll notice everything from texture to look comes together to offer a new way of showing off. Invest in some plastic business cards in Harare to net attention in an unexpected way. You may have already read our Adlyn Printers Blog post: How Do I Make My Business Card Stand Out?, or learned all about Trade Show Essentials, but how do you keep ahead of the curve when so many businesses are going after the same opportunities? Well, one fantastic way of doing that is with fully waterproof business cards that can withstand all weather types, including an unexpected torrential downpour that would otherwise ruin even the most luxurious card. Thick plastic business cards in Zimbabwe Harare are absolutely the way to go. The most common question that is raised whenever talking about plastic business cards is, are plastic business cards professional? PVC business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe are in many ways the way of the future as they’re long-lasting and can be used in virtually any setting. Trade shows aren’t known for being rained out, but once your clients take your plastic business cards to the beach, to the mall, to play sports, it’ll be safe and secure in their wallet, pants pocket, or even left on the table while they chat. Since your clients won’t have to worry about the plastic business cards getting wet, they’ll be opening you up to plenty of exposure as potential clients and customers notice your brand name, without being inhibited by weather conditions, coffee spills, or the like. Whether you’re looking for “plastic business cards near me” or on the lookout for the best plastic business cards around, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t just get any old plastic business cards cheap, get premium quality! Adlyn Printers is here to serve you and make sure you have an amazing experience with your very own plastic business cards! Get started on your order right away or read on to learn more!


Our three different options for material can make all the difference when it comes to the look of your plastic business cards. No matter which you select, you can look forward to the aforementioned benefits of durability, weatherproofing, and versatility. Clear plastic business cards printing in Harare Zimbabwe are no doubt the first thing that comes to mind when you think of them being made out of plastic, but while this is certainly a good option, we’re happy to let you know that you aren’t limited to only getting transparent plastic business cards. You can also get them made as either translucent plastic business cards, or white plastic business cards in Harare Zimbabwe. Of course, afterward, you can design to your heart’s content. Choose a base material that you feel will best fit your interests then go from there. Let’s have a quick look at the options a bit more closely. 20PT Clear Plastic is a see-through material that is both firm and durable, a bit thicker than your standard business cards. 20PT Frosted Plastic is a translucent material. Again, it is firm, durable, and a bit thicker than your standard business card. Finally, we offer our 20PT White Plastic, a white-colored material with the same benefits of the last two material options, while sticking to a solid color to maximize the effects of color printing. Once you’ve chosen the material for your plastic business cards you’re ready to get started on designing!


With plastic business cards printed through our Business Cards Printing in Harare Zimbabwe services at Adlyn Printers you can look forward to designing without ever limiting your imagination. Get Front Only Digital Full Color printing for your plastic business cards in Harare Zimbabwe. Our digital full color printer will blend the 4 primary colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) to create any color on the spectrum that will be applied to one side of your product. If you have a specific Pantone color in mind, we can make it happen. Get started on your order of plastic business cards right away, or read on to learn about how we can help you kickstart the design process, make your order extra special, or get some plastic business cards wholesale.


Not sure where to get started on your design? Have a look through our various templates and choose the size that’s right for you. From there you can decide where your name, company, logo, and contact information should go on your plastic business cards. Use your favorite editing software with one of .JPG, .PDF, .AI, or .PSD formats.


When you order plastic business cards you may want to choose rounded corners, a popular option from among our specialties. With rounded corners you won’t have to worry about you or your customers getting poked by the corners of the plastic business cards. Instead, you’ll be able to appreciate the all-around smoothness of the plastic business cards experience. You can also check out our other options, which feature specialties, such as deboss business cardsleaf business cards, and spot UV business cards. Want to order a selection of assorted plastic business cards and other products? Set up a corporate account to get started!

Quantity & Turnaround

Ordering plastic business cards in Harare Zimbabwe has never been easier! Get anywhere from 100 to 5,000+ plastic business cards in one order. You’ll receive your cards in 5-7 business days. Remember: the more you order, the more you save! We look forward to fulfilling your next order of plastic business cards!


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