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Be Seen in All the Right Places With Pole Banners Printing and Installation In Harare Zimbabwe

Street banners, light pole banners, avenue banners printing in Harare Zimbabwe. Whatever you want to call them, pole banners are a big hit for businesses and institutions. Pole banner printing in Harare is a great way to advertise your school, business, event, or promotion. Your message will be clearly seen by pedestrians and motorists. These are perfect for exhibitions, concerts, holidays, and special events.

So why print custom pole banners in Harare Zimbabwe? Read on to know why.

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

Pole banners are very visible signs. Since they are situated above the crowds but not so high up, your message is still easy to read. They are easy to spot even from afar, especially when you use vivid colors and graphics for your banner design.

Here are two ways to display your custom pole banners:

  • Street Pole Banners In Harare Zimbabwe
    . Hang these on light poles to enhance the ambiance of any street. This also works well to promote special community events.
  • Wall Mount Banners In Harare Zimbabwe. You can mount your pole banners directly to a wall or other flat surface such as the side of your store to bring in more customers.


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Take Your Advertising Outdoors With Pole Banner Printing in Harare Zimbabwe

Set the bar high for your promotions with pole banners from Adlyn Printers. Pole banner printing in Harare Zimbabwe gives your business the outdoor visibility it needs. Popular among gyms, ad agencies, museums, and event organizers, custom light pole banners are an effective way to get the attention of potential customers out on the streets and along sidewalks.

Print pole banners with Adlyn Printers enjoy the benefits of our banner printing services in Harare Zimbabwe. We offer the most affordable banners and the best discounts you’ll find online. Order banners in bulk for even bigger savings.

Whether you are an event organizer or a sales representative, we’ll help you print the perfect banner for your business and budget. Pole banners in Zimbabwe are a cost-effective option for seasonal advertising. Once installed, you can just order banners without brackets to switch up your promotions.

They can also be printed on both sides to maximize visibility and attract pedestrians and drivers passing by on either side. You can order light post banners with street pole mounts or wall mounts so you can set them up anywhere. Single and double bracket types are also available to give you more mounting options.

Print custom pole banners and we can have them shipped out and on their way in just two (2) business days.


Start Customizing Your Banners in Harare Zimbabwe

It’s easy to create and print pole banners on our website. We print on UV-resistant and waterproof material that is safe for outdoor use and lasts up to 5 years. Our order calculator’s dropdown options allow custom printing according to banner size, display options, and printing turnaround time.

1. Banner Type

First, select if you just need a banner or a banner with mounting options. This means your order will come with brackets if you choose banners with mounting options.

2. Display Option

Choose between street pole or wall mount banners. Street pole banners come with brackets you can easily install and tighten around the width of a pole. Wall mount banner brackets are suited for flat surfaces.

3. Banner Bracket Width

We offer three (3) size options brackets: 18”, 24”, 30”. After you choose your bracket width, the order calculator will automatically provide the available banner graphic size options.

4. Bracket Type

Pole banners can be installed as a single banner on one side of a pole, or on both sides as a double banner. This depends on your location and how much space is available for your promotion.

5. Material

Choose between standard 13 oz. vinyl and 18 oz. blockout vinyl. For a highly durable but economical banner, go for the 13 oz. vinyl. It comes with a matte finish for great visibility even in bright light. The 18 oz. blockout vinyl is much thicker and won’t give off that transparent effect when light tries to pass through.

To print pole banner designs, just upload your artwork, or use our online design tool. You can also use our banner templates to help you get started.

Be sure to check our banner order pages for awesome deals and discounts. Print custom banners today.


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